Manufacture and repair
of metal
various types and purposes
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Manufacture and repair
of metal
various types and purposes
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Manufacture and repair
of metal
various types and purposes
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In 2008, RADAR Company obtained a certificate for production of any types of vans (certificate No РОСС RU.У112.М02497) and for re-equipping of load vehicles: – converting container pads to board pads; – board pads – to vans. – extension, expansion, heightening of any types of lorries, – converting vans for manufactured goods to heated vans (vans’ heating up)

RADAR company can produce and repair any kinds of automobile accessories:
    • Vans for manufactured goods;
    • Heated vans;
    • Repair of portals of vans’ gates;
    • Replacement of gates’ wings, hooks, rod locks;
    • Repair and manufacturing of rear bumpers and bumper beams;
    • Mounting tent covers on the vans;
    • Elimination of van leakages;
    • Load carries, fittings, bunks, spare wheel carriers;
    • Trailing devices, fifth wheels;
    • Tent&cage structures;
    • Automobile tents, curtains, covers;
    • Gates, platforms, flanges;
    • Sliding roofs;
    • Placing advertisement on tents;
    • Sports flooring for boxing rings and wrestling carpets.

    The services are only rendered by appointment, because irrespective of the capacity, in a good auto-repair shop there always is a risk of sudden inflow of clients. Therefore, RADAR Company always tries to serve customers by previous appointment. Unless you call in advance and arrange for a visit, you may find yourself in the end of a long queue (which may last for several days).

    Only high grade materials are used when performing the works (on truck body repair in Saint Petersburg). An individual approach is used for each order. The works are performed by qualified specialists, in the shortest time possible. RADAR Company may offer its loyal customers flexible discount system and possibility of payment in installments.
    Фургон со съёмной тентовой крышей под верхнюю и заднюю погрузку Van with lift-off tent cover designated for top and rear loading.
    Ворота на фургоне под боковую погрузку Gates on the van, intended for side loading.
    Термофургон на базе легкового прицепа Heated van mounted on car trailer.
    Задняя стенка термофургона, открывающаяся вверх Heated van rear wall, opening upwards.
    Утепление днища фургона Heating up van’s bottom.
    Шасси Chassis.
    Увеличение длины рамы. Увеличение длины, ширины, изготовление подрамника. Frame length extension. Manufacturing of subframe, extending its length and widening the subframe.
    Каркас будущего фургона из профильной трубы Cage for a van made of shaped tube.
    Обшивка фургона из ламинированной фанеры Van casing – laminated ply-wood.
    Вид на фургон сбоку Vanside view.
    Фургон-кемпер Camper van
    Вид спального места Berth view.
    Вид на фургон сзади Van: rear view.
    Грузовые утапливаемые петли в рефрижераторном фургоне Recessed cargo hinges in refrigerated van.
    Замена портала и створок ворот на фургоне Replacement of portal and wings of the van’s gates
    Промтоварный фургон до переоборудования в термофургон Van for manufactured goods before conversion into heated van.
    Утепление фургона Van heating up
    Переоборудованный термофургон Converted heated van.
    Термофургон Heated van
    Утепление ворот фургона Heating up the van’s gates
    Утепление фургона с установкой металлического обрешетника Heating up the van and installing metal lathwork.
    Тентованная газель до переоборудования в фургон Tilt the gazelle before conversion into a van
    Промтоварный фургон на газель на базе бортовой Manufactured goods van on a gazelle on the basis of on-board
    Подготовка фургона к обшивке Preparing the van to the coating
    Обшивка фургона фанерой The van plywood paneling


    Flooring in a van
    Переоборудование прицепов Alterations trailers
    Удлинение прицепов Elongation trailers
    Трёхстворчатые ворота на фургоне Triple-gate van
    Боковая погрузка фургона Lateral loading wagon
    Откидная створка на прицепе The flap on the trailer
    Монтаж петель для раскрепления груза Mounting loops breakout shipping
    Утепление фургона Лада Ларгус Warming of the wagon Lada Largus
    Обшивка фанерой с утеплителем фургона LADA Largus Plywood paneling with insulation wagon LADA Largus