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Tipper transportation

In 2017 the company "RADAR" opened a new line of activity - dump trucks. We are ready to provide such a service as the transportation of non-metallic materials in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region by dumper semi-trailers. On professional slang "TRANSPORTATION WITH TONERS" is the transportation of inert goods by any dump semi-trailers, although TONAR is a semitrailer brand. As of June 2017, our company has one self-pivoting coupler with a body volume of 33.5 cubic meters. We are ready to consider proposals for the delivery of bulk goods to your construction site: sand, gravel, expanded clay and other building materials.

Our terms of cooperation for the transport of bulk cargo:

  1. Only long-term routes (from two weeks).
  2. Only round-the-clock loading and round-the-clock unloading.
  3. For loading, taking into account the queue - no more than an hour.
    For unloading, taking into account the queue - no more than an hour.
  4. Our prices for the transportation of inert goods for September 2017 for cash:
    - sand, gravel, gravel – 3,2–3,8 rubles / km.cub
    - ЩПС, ПГС - 3,8–4,4 rubles / km.cub
    - rock mass fr. (up to 1000mm) - 4,5–5,5 rubles / km.cub

The cost of transportation depends on the passage of the route: the quality of roads, terrain, traffic jams (KAD, entry to the city), paid travel on the WHSD. And also from organizational issues on loading / unloading: shifts, lunches, blasting, access mode.

Our Autopark

Tipper transportation. Our Autopark

Unloading of rock with a tipper semitrailer

Transportation of rocks by "Tonaras" is the most difficult process in the field of dump trucks. One cubic meter of rock weighs almost two tons, so unloading on the verge of risk.

Queue into the quarry for loading

The customer claims that the loading time is not more than 30 minutes. On the quarry of the car call in & nbsp; with an interval of about 7 minutes - one car. It's easy to calculate if the driver is in the queue up the twentieth or thirtieth, how much time is wasted, plus the direct loading - 30-40 minutes. In this case, the driver can not sleep, because the queue is constantly moving.