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Modern automobile awning is a very complex high-tech product, that requires a professional approach, as in manufacturing, and to its repair. When repairing the awnings, made of material, covered in plastic (PVC-fabric), you have to consider many factors that can affect the quality of repairment:

  • density of the material being repaired;
  • elasticity of the material being repaired;
  • thermal stability;
  • the melting temperature of PVC (melting temperature of PVC-fabric is depends on the age of it, and this fact must be considered when soldering a patch, because a patch is made of new material);
  • breaking load;
  • awning's operating conditions.

Repairment of car awning requires special professional approach. For example, if car's roof is leaking, and PVC-coating burnt by the sun or dried out, it requires repair-specialist of high qualification. Also, repair of auto awnings for Transports Internationaux Routiers requires very experienced and qualified specialists. It's necessary to know the requirements imposed on the repair of awnings, listed in order of the State Customs Committee of Russia, as well as in the Customs Convention on the International Carriage of Goods. In this case, a cut or hole in the awning can be repaired in of the three ways, depending on the location of the defect on the awning: TIR-plaster, customs tape, or customs patch.

We'll glad to tell you about all the kinds of awking's repeirment.

We are ready to offer you any kind of complex repairment of your awking, just contact us.

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