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Purchase of emergency trucks and trailers

Our company is engaged in repair and restoration of trucks.

One of the priorities of our company is to repair frames Trucks and buses:

  • reconstruction of geometry truck frames;
  • welding cracks, gaps and fractures frames.

During the year the company "Radar" is repairing about 100 truck frames (10-20 of them - it's "Changeling"). However, very often come to us customers who insist that the frame is forbidden to cook and even more so to rule. And all of our arguments that frame - is of metal construction steel 10HSND, which is subject to welding and straightening, do not convince the customer to repair the frame. And then the client (owner) of the deformed vehicle offers us is to buy his vehicle to further recovery.

Especially for these customers we have opened another line of action: buy trucks, trailers and special equipment after the accident the following defects:

  • damage to the frame and subframe;
  • Damage vans, scaffolds, tents;
  • Damage tipper bodies;
  • damage to frames and plants puhtovozov.

Particularly interesting proposals for "wrapped" trucks and puhtovozam "fresh" years of release.