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One of the activities of our company is the supply of non-metallic materials. Nonmetallic materials are used for the production of asphalt concrete, concrete, wall panels, road-building materials for laying the foundations of roads, piling roads, etc.

We carry out the delivery of sand and gravel to the construction sites of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region. Our company has its own truck fleet of dump trucks and prisoners directly with the quarries of the contract, eliminating intermediaries, which allows significantly reduce the final cost of inert materials.

We are ready to discuss the supply of the following non-metallic materials at a low price:

Sand with delivery:

  • quarry sand
  • precoat sand
  • sea sand
  • construction sand
  • sandy loam
  • ПГС (Sand and gravel)

Crushed granite with delivery:

  • crushed granite fraction 5-20
  • crushed granite fraction 20-40
  • crushed granite fraction 40-70
  • screenings