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Standard Technical Documents

RADAR Company is manufacturing its products based on following standard technical documents:
1. Shipbuilding:
ГОСТ 23897-79 Working design documents of a shipyard.
ОСТ 0360-86  Rules for drawing up the documents related to technical schedule of vessels construction.
-  OCT 5.9613-84 Corps metal surface vessels. Verification of the production on the site. Specifications.
РД5Р.0378-92 Kinds of documents. Rules for their execution, coordination and approval.
ОСТ 5.92.24-75 Covered metal electrodes for manual arc welding of steels and deposition.
ОСТ 5.9126-83 Welding in shipbuilding and ship repair.
РД 5.Р.9083-91 Steel vessels’ hulls, welding of carbon and low-alloy steels.
ОСТ 5.0346-81 Occupational safety standards system. Electricity supply of vessels under construction/repair. Safety requirements.
ОСТ 5.1078-76 Metallic vessels’ hull structures. Elimination of welded joints’ defects.
РД 5.95077-91 Hulls and hull structures of metallic vessels. Assembly and welding of joint connections without the use of weldable components.
РД 5.Р.1187-92  Vessels’ hulls and hull structures. Procedure, periods and places of storage.
РД 5.95078-91 Metallic vessels’ hulls. Plated structures. Bending of spherical components by method of local deformation with the use of universal tooling and serial pressure equipment.
РД 5.95079-91 Process of manufacturing of vessels hulls’ steel components and other welded metallic structures.
РД 5.9091-88 Manufacturing of steel parts of ships hulls
-  OCT 5.9912-83 Corps steel surface vessels. Typical processes for units and sections of the body.

-  РД 5.9621-83 Corps of metal vessels. Edit welded hull structures. The main provisions.
-  ОСТ 5.9716-78 Tools and equipment for lofting work, machining and assembly sudokorpusnyh designs.
-  ОСТ 5.9114-81 Saturation of hull structures of ships and ships. Technical requirements. Typical technological process of installation.

2. Bridge assemblies:
ГОСТ 11533-75 Automatic and semi-automatic submerged arc welding. Weld joints acute and obtuse angles.
-  ГОСТ 10157-79   Argon gas and liquid. Specifications.
СТП 012-2000     Shop fabrication of steel bridge assemblies
ГОСТ 2246-70     Steel welding wire.
ГОСТ 3242-79    Welded joints. Quality control methods.
ГОСТ 5264-80    Manual arc welding.
ГОСТ 6713-91    Steel used in bridge construction.
ГОСТ 6996-66     Welded joints. Methods of mechanical properties determination.
ГОСТ 8050-85    Gas and liquid carbon dioxide.
ГОСТ 8713-79    Flux arc welding.
ГОСТ 9087-81    Melted welding fluxes
-  ГОСТ 9466-9467  Coated  metal electrodes for manual arc welding.
ГОСТ 11534-75 Manual arc welding. Welded joints at acute angles and obtuse angles.
-  ГОСТ 14771-76 Arc welding in inert gas.
-  ГОСТ 14782-86 Non-destructive testing. Welded joints. Ultrasonic methods.
-  ГОСТ 14792-80 Details and preparations, cut and oxygen plasma arc cutting.
-  ГОСТ 19281-89 Rolled steel with increased strength.
-  ГОСТ 22353-77-22356-77 High-strength bolts.
-  ГОСТ 23518-79 Gas metal arc welding. Welded joints at acute and obtuse angles.
-  ГОСТ 30489: EN472 Determining the level of qualification and certification in the field of non-destructive testing personnel. General principles.
-  ПМГ 15-96 Rules on the interstate standardization. The requirements for the competence of laboratories for non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics.
-  ПР 32.113-98 Rules of certification of NDT personnel technical railway facilities.
-  ТУ 14-1-5120-92 Rental of high quality sheet for low-alloy steel bridge construction.
-  ТУ 14-1-5355-98 Rolled plate from 14HGNDTS weather resistant steels for bridge construction.
-  ТУ 14-1-5455-02 Rolled steel plates of steel 12Г2СД and 12Г2СБД for bridge construction.
-  СНиП 2-23-81 Steel structures. Design standards.
-  СНиП 2.03.11-85 Protection of building structures against corrosion. Design standards.
-  СНиП 2.05.03-84 Bridges and pipes. Design standards.
-  СНиП 3.03.01-87 Bearing and enclosing structures. Rules for the production and acceptance of work.
-  СНиП 3.06.04-91 Bridges and pipes. Rules for the production and acceptance of works.
-  ISO 9000 series standards (ГОСТ Р-ISO-9000).

3. Automobile accessories (trailers, cage and tent structures, automobile tents, vans of various types and purposes, repair of container frames, fittings, bunks, etc.):
-   REGULATIONS on technical conditions applicable to road vehicles which may be accepted for international transport under customs seals.
ГОСТ Р 52281-2004 Automobile trailers and semitrailers. General technical requirements.
ГОСТ Р 52280-2004 Lorries. General technical requirements.
ГОСТ 2349-75 System "hook-eye"drawbar couplings for road- and tractor-trailer trains. Basic parameters and dimensions. Technical requirements
-   RF SCC Order of August 19, 1994 No426 On approval of normative acts related to proper equipment of vehicles (containers).
ГОСТ 28247-89. Fifth wheel couplings of semi-trailer tractors. Types, basic dimensions and technical requirements
ГОСТ 27226-90. Board type platforms of motor vehicles. Internal dimensions.
ГОСТ 9008-94 Wooden parts of platform bodies for lorries, trailers and semi-trailers. General specifications.
ГОСТ Р 51709-2001 Motor vehicles. Safety requirements for technical conditions and methods of inspection
Р 3112199-0240-84 Regulations on maintenance and repair of motor vehicles.
ГОСТ 21624-81. Motor vehicle maintenance and repair system. Requirements for maintainability and repairability of the items.

4. Motor transport industry:
-  ГОСТ 12214-2011 Ergonomics of vehicles. Stereotypes of directions of movement for elements of manual control of the car.
-  ГОСТ 20304-90 Mannequins landing three-dimensional and two-dimensional. Design, basic parameters and dimensions.
-  ГОСТ 20306-90 Motor vehicles. Fuel economy. Test methods.
-  ГОСТ 22748-77 Motor vehicles. Nomenclature of external dimensions. Methods of measurement.

5. Corporate standards worked out by the specialists of RADAR Company and approved by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping:

Standard Technical Documents Standard Technical Documents Standard Technical Documents Standard Technical Documents
Standard Technical Documents Standard Technical Documents Standard Technical Documents Standard Technical Documents
Standard Technical Documents