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Standard Technical Documents

RADAR Company is manufacturing its products based on following standard technical documents:
1. Shipbuilding:
ГОСТ 23897-79 Working design documents of a shipyard.
ОСТ 0360-86  Rules for drawing up the documents related to technical schedule of vessels construction.
-  OCT 5.9613-84 Corps metal surface vessels. Verification of the production on the site. Specifications.
РД5Р.0378-92 Kinds of documents. Rules for their execution, coordination and approval.
ОСТ 5.92.24-75 Covered metal electrodes for manual arc welding of steels and deposition.
ОСТ 5.9126-83 Welding in shipbuilding and ship repair.
РД 5.Р.9083-91 Steel vessels’ hulls, welding of carbon and low-alloy steels.
ОСТ 5.0346-81 Occupational safety standards system. Electricity supply of vessels under construction/repair. Safety requirements.
ОСТ 5.1078-76 Metallic vessels’ hull structures. Elimination of welded joints’ defects.
РД 5.95077-91 Hulls and hull structures of metallic vessels. Assembly and welding of joint connections without the use of weldable components.
РД 5.Р.1187-92  Vessels’ hulls and hull structures. Procedure, periods and places of storage.
РД 5.95078-91 Metallic vessels’ hulls. Plated structures. Bending of spherical components by method of local deformation with the use of universal tooling and serial pressure equipment.
РД 5.95079-91 Process of manufacturing of vessels hulls’ steel components and other welded metallic structures.
-   РД 5.9091-88 Manufacturing of steel parts of ships hulls
-  OCT 5.9912-83 Corps steel surface vessels. Typical processes for units and sections of the body.

-  РД 5.9621-83 Corps of metal vessels. Edit welded hull structures. The main provisions.
-  ОСТ 5.9716-78 Tools and equipment for lofting work, machining and assembly sudokorpusnyh designs.
-  ОСТ 5.9114-81 Saturation of hull structures of ships and ships. Technical requirements. Typical technological process of installation.

2. Bridge assemblies:
ГОСТ 11533-75 Automatic and semi-automatic submerged arc welding. Weld joints acute and obtuse angles.
-  ГОСТ 10157-79   Argon gas and liquid. Specifications.
СТП 012-2000     Shop fabrication of steel bridge assemblies
ГОСТ 2246-70     Steel welding wire.
ГОСТ 3242-79    Welded joints. Quality control methods.
ГОСТ 5264-80    Manual arc welding.
ГОСТ 6713-91    Steel used in bridge construction.
ГОСТ 6996-66     Welded joints. Methods of mechanical properties determination.
ГОСТ 8050-85    Gas and liquid carbon dioxide.
ГОСТ 8713-79    Flux arc welding.
ГОСТ 9087-81    Melted welding fluxes
-  ГОСТ 9466-9467  Coated  metal electrodes for manual arc welding.
ГОСТ 11534-75 Manual arc welding. Welded joints at acute angles and obtuse angles.
-  ГОСТ 14771-76 Arc welding in inert gas.
-  ГОСТ 14782-86 Non-destructive testing. Welded joints. Ultrasonic methods.
-  ГОСТ 14792-80 Details and preparations, cut and oxygen plasma arc cutting.
-  ГОСТ 19281-89 Rolled steel with increased strength.
-  ГОСТ 22353-77-22356-77 High-strength bolts.
-  ГОСТ 23518-79 Gas metal arc welding. Welded joints at acute and obtuse angles.
-  ГОСТ 30489: EN472 Determining the level of qualification and certification in the field of non-destructive testing personnel. General principles.
-  ПМГ 15-96 Rules on the interstate standardization. The requirements for the competence of laboratories for non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics.
-  ПР 32.113-98 Rules of certification of NDT personnel technical railway facilities.
-  ТУ 14-1-5120-92 Rental of high quality sheet for low-alloy steel bridge construction.
-  ТУ 14-1-5355-98 Rolled plate from 14HGNDTS weather resistant steels for bridge construction.
-  ТУ 14-1-5455-02 Rolled steel plates of steel 12Г2СД and 12Г2СБД for bridge construction.
-  СНиП 2-23-81 Steel structures. Design standards.
-  СНиП 2.03.11-85 Protection of building structures against corrosion. Design standards.
-  СНиП 2.05.03-84 Bridges and pipes. Design standards.
-  СНиП 3.03.01-87 Bearing and enclosing structures. Rules for the production and acceptance of work.
-  СНиП 3.06.04-91 Bridges and pipes. Rules for the production and acceptance of works.
-  ISO 9000 series standards (ГОСТ Р-ISO-9000).

3. Automobile accessories (trailers, cage and tent structures, automobile tents, vans of various types and purposes, repair of container frames, fittings, bunks, etc.):
-   REGULATIONS on technical conditions applicable to road vehicles which may be accepted for international transport under customs seals.
ГОСТ Р 52281-2004 Automobile trailers and semitrailers. General technical requirements.
ГОСТ Р 52280-2004 Lorries. General technical requirements.
ГОСТ 2349-75 System "hook-eye"drawbar couplings for road- and tractor-trailer trains. Basic parameters and dimensions. Technical requirements
-   RF SCC Order of August 19, 1994 No426 On approval of normative acts related to proper equipment of vehicles (containers).
ГОСТ 28247-89. Fifth wheel couplings of semi-trailer tractors. Types, basic dimensions and technical requirements
ГОСТ 27226-90. Board type platforms of motor vehicles. Internal dimensions.
ГОСТ 9008-94 Wooden parts of platform bodies for lorries, trailers and semi-trailers. General specifications.
ГОСТ Р 51709-2001 Motor vehicles. Safety requirements for technical conditions and methods of inspection
Р 3112199-0240-84 Regulations on maintenance and repair of motor vehicles.
ГОСТ 21624-81. Motor vehicle maintenance and repair system. Requirements for maintainability and repairability of the items.

4. Motor transport industry:
-  ГОСТ 12214-2011 Ergonomics of vehicles. Stereotypes of directions of movement for elements of manual control of the car.
-  ГОСТ 20304-90 Mannequins landing three-dimensional and two-dimensional. Design, basic parameters and dimensions.
-  ГОСТ 20306-90 Motor vehicles. Fuel economy. Test methods.
-  ГОСТ 22748-77 Motor vehicles. Nomenclature of external dimensions. Methods of measurement.
-  ГОСТ 25076-81 Materials non-metallic for interior decoration of vehicles. Method for determination of flammability.
-  ГОСТ 25478-82 Cars, trucks and cars, buses, road trains. Safety requirements for technical condition. Methods of verification.
-  ГОСТ 25478-91 Motor vehicles. Requirements for the technical condition of traffic safety conditions. Methods of verification.
-  ГОСТ 28070-89 Cars and trucks, buses. Visibility from the driver's seat. General technical requirements. Test methods.
-  ГОСТ 28262-89 Uniform provisions concerning the approval of vehicles with regard to the strength of the seats and their attachment devices, as well as the characteristics of the head restraints that can be fitted to these seats.
-  ГОСТ 28345-89 Uniform provisions concerning the construction of small vehicles of general use.
-  ГОСТ 29120-91 Uniform provisions concerning the approval of:
1. Rear protective devices;
2. Vehicles with regard to the installation of a rear protective device of an approved type;
3. Vehicles with regard to their rear protection.

-  ГОСТ 31507-2012 Motor vehicles. Manageability and sustainability. Technical requirements. Test methods.
-  ГОСТ 3207-77 Signs numbered for vehicles. Types and main dimensions. Location. Technical requirements.
-  ГОСТ 41104-2002 Uniform provisions concerning the certification of retro-reflective markings for vehicles of long length and carrying capacity.
-  ГОСТ 41.18-99 Uniform provisions concerning the approval of motor vehicles with regard to their protection against unauthorized use.
-  ГОСТ 41.34-2001 Uniform provisions concerning the approval of vehicles with regard to the prevention of fire hazards.
-  ГОСТ 50577-93 Signs state registration vehicles. Types and main dimensions. Technical requirements.
-  ГОСТ 51734-2001 Motor vehicles for mountain routes. Technical requirements.
-  ГОСТ 53602-2009 Components of vehicles. Marking General technical requirements.
-  ГОСТ 52577-2006 Roads are public. Methods for determining the parameters of the geometric elements of roads.
-  ГОСТ 51980-2002 Vehicles Marking General technical requirements.
-  ГОСТ 50464-93 Uniform provisions concerning the approval of vehicles with regard to the risk of fire.

5. Construction Materials

-  ГОСТ 9757-90 Gravel, crushed stone and sand artificial porous. Technical conditions.
-  ГОСТ 8736-93 Sand for construction work. Technical conditions.
-  ГОСТ 23735-79 Sand-gravel mixes for construction work. Technical conditions.
-  ГОСТ 8736-2014 Sand for construction work. Technical conditions.
-  ГОСТ 8267-93 Crushed stone and gravel from dense rocks for construction work. Technical conditions.
-  ГОСТ 310.1-76 Cements. Test methods. General provisions.
-  ГОСТ 23558-94 Mixes of rubble-gravel-sand and soils treated with inorganic binders for road and airfield construction.
-  ГОСТ 7394-85 Ballast gravel and gravel-sand for railway tracks. Technical conditions.
-  ГОСТ 22668-77 Lime construction. Test methods.
-  ГОСТ 25137-82 Nonmetallic building materials. Dense crushed stone and sand from industrial waste, porous aggregates for concrete.
-  ГОСТ 11830-66 Construction Materials. Weighing accuracy rate.
-  ГОСТ Р 51032-97 Building materials. Test method for the spread of flame.
-  ГОСТ 26798.2-96 Cement grouting types I-G and I-H. Test methods.
-  ГОСТ 25094-94 Active mineral additives for cements. Test method.
-  ГОСТ 24454-80 Softwood lumber. Sizes.
-  ГОСТ 25898-83 Building materials and products. Methods for determining vapor resistance.
-  ГОСТ 5578-94 Crushed stone and sand from slag of ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy for concrete. Technical conditions.
-  ГОСТ 5724-75 Linkrust.
-  ГОСТ 12865-67 Exfoliated Vermiculite.
-  ГОСТ 19222-84 Arbolit and products from it. General specifications.
-  ГОСТ 12784-78 Mineral powder for asphalt mixtures. Test methods.
-  ГОСТ 9179-77 Building lime. Technical conditions.
-  ГОСТ 24944-81 PVC decorative decorative film. Technical conditions.
-  ГОСТ 25818-91 Fly ash of thermal stations for concrete. Technical conditions.
-  ГОСТ 30340-95 Asbestos-cement wavy sheets. Technical conditions.
-  ГОСТ 25945-87 Non-hardening polymeric building materials and products. Test methods.
-  ГОСТ 125-79 Cementing gypsum. Technical conditions.
-  ГОСТ 19177-81 Porous rubber gaskets. Technical conditions.
-  ГОСТ 22263-76 Crushed stone and sand from porous rocks. Technical conditions.
-  ГОСТ 9590-76 Decorative paper laminate. Technical conditions.
-  ГОСТ 310.5-88 Cements. Method for determining heat release.
-  ГОСТ 24816-81 Building materials. Method for determination of sorption moisture.
-  ГОСТ 23789-79 Gypsum binders. Test methods.
-  ГОСТ 10174-90 Polyurethane foam gaskets for windows and doors. Technical conditions.
-  ГОСТ 30290-94 Building materials and products. Method for determining thermal conductivity by a surface transducer.
-  ГОСТ 21718-84 Building materials. Dielcometric method for measuring humidity.
-  ГОСТ 30108-94 Building materials and products. Determination of the specific effective activity of natural radionuclides.
-  ГОСТ 7392-85 Natural crushed stone for railway track ballast. Technical conditions.
-  ГОСТ 10832-91 Expanded perlite sand and crushed stone. Technical conditions.

6. Corporate standards worked out by the specialists of RADAR Company and approved by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping:

Standard Technical Documents Standard Technical Documents Standard Technical Documents Standard Technical Documents
Standard Technical Documents Standard Technical Documents Standard Technical Documents Standard Technical Documents
Standard Technical Documents