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Deliveries of crushed granite tonarami

Production company "RADAR" conducts the supply of crushed granite in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region directly from the quarries.


Supplies of non-metallic materials

Nonmetallic materials (inert) are natural bulk materials used in construction work: road construction, wall panels, concrete columns, bridges, buildings, houses, etc.


Rental trailers for cars

Today, the rental of trailers for cars is a fairly popular service. Many people are often required to transport different loads and to avoid being tied to commercial carriers, citizens lease a caravan.

On passenger trailers it is possible to transport various cargoes: summer residents carry sand and earth, manure, building materials. For people who prefer active recreation, there are trailers for the transportation of ATVs, snowmobiles, motorcycles and bugs.

Argon arc welding

Non-ferrous metals in contact with oxygen are oxidized because of this poor quality weld is obtained. To protect the metal from oxides using an inert gas - argon. Welding in argon can be carried out as a consumable electrode and non-consumable.


Repair fuel tanks

One of the most sought after services in the field of metal recovery is to repair the fuel tanks. Repair fuel tanks difficult and dangerous process . Even such a durable and reliable construction, which have long workability and resistance to rust , as aluminum can over time or as a result of negative circumstances come into disrepair.


Device for cleaning shoes

Shoe polisher is made of stainless steel with a thickness of two to four millimeters. The structure is made in modern Japanese-Finnish equipment. Application of a thick-walled steel sections are durable and ensures trouble-free operation of this device.


Historical sketch of “Steregushchy”

Steregushchy the destroyer

Covered with wounds, and with its crumpled, bullet riddled boards and warped funnels, “Steregushchy” still held straight for Port Arthur and went the shortest way. The Japanese torpedo ships steered along with “Steregushchy”. Having a higher speed, they by turns got ahead, then stopped and waited for “Steregushchy” in order to cover it with shots.


RADAR Company’s quality policy

Quality policy is an integral part of RADAR Company’s overall development strategy.


    • continuous increasing of customer satisfaction level
    • understanding of needs of all clients and customers, irrespective of their status



    Truck body repair in Saint Petersburg

    It is one thing to visit a qualified auto shop and another to have a perfect truck body repair work done. Finding a shop that does superb truck body repair in Saint Petersburg is as easy as ABC because there are many auto Shops around. However, there is a different between a good and an excellent auto shop.


    The technical surgery

    The technical surgery (Latin chirurgia from Cheir - hand + ergon - work, action) - the area of ​​technical and clinical medicine that studies disease, injury, accident, trucks, trailers and semitrailers are used for the treatment of operational methods for restoring the anatomical integrity, form and function of damaged organs and tissues.


    Awning repairs

    The modern awning is a high-tech product which requires professional approach to both the awning fabrication and repair. For repairing awnings of plastic coated material (PVC fabric), it is necessary to take into account a number of factors which can influence the repair quality.


    Repair of cargo trailer frames

    The frame repair is a very important part of the cargo trailer with an awning repair. The frame being relatively light-weight is designed to withstand high loads. For example, when the load is shifted it leans on a wooden crate, and therefore, even ordinary boards in the constructions must meet strict requirements of durability.