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of metal various types
and purposes.
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About the Company

RADAR LLC was founded in September 2005. The Company has obtained a certificate of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (act No 05.09458.120 of Nov. 28, 2005). This certificate entitles the enterprise to carry out assembly & welding operations during hull assembly and hull repair works on the vessels of all types and purposes.
The company consists of qualified plate-workers, welders, chippers and engineers. The welders are subject to certification by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. The plate workers have strappers’ certificates. The foremen are subject to certification in the field of cargo transfer safety assurance.

The principal and priority area of RADAR Company’s activity includes hull shipbuilding, hull ship repair and manufacturing of metal goods.

Secondary activity of RADAR Company is represented by fabrication and vehicle awnings repair, repair of cages, motor vans and car bodies; truck frames repair.

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